SAP FIORI UI5 Online Training Course Content

SAP UI5 Online Training Course Content

SAP UI5 Conceptual Overview : 

  • SAP UI5 Overview:
  • Architecture
  • Basic Programming for SAP UI5

SAP UI5 Application Development Prerequisites :

  • SAP UI5 Application Development Prerequisites
  • Browser and Platform Matrixes
  • Compatibility Rules
  • Naming Conventions for Control and Application Development

Getting Started with SAP UI5 :

  • Create SAP UI5 Application
  • SAP UI5 MVC Architecture
  • Types of Views and Controllers
  • UI5 Bootstrap
  • Develop Application using SAP UI5 Core Controls
  • Control Libs
  • Properties
  • Aggregations
  • Events
  • Debugging SAP UI5 Application
  • Testing SAP UI5 Applications
  • Deploy to SAP UI5 ABAP Repository


  • Navigation in SAP UI5
  • Navigation using Subscribe & Publish

Binding :

  • Data binding Concept
  • Understanding SAP UI5 Data binding process
  • Model
  • Binding Model with UI element
  • Binding Using JSON Model
  • Binding Using OData Model
  • XML Model
  • Resource Model

Open Data (OData) :

  • Developing SAPUI5 applications using North wind services
  • Introduction to OData
  • Developing SAPUI5 applications using OData
  • CRUD Operations Using OData


  • Web IDE environment overview
  • Create SAP UI5 application
  • Building SAP Fiori-like UIs with SAP UI5
  • Deploy SAP UI5 App to ABAP Repository

Split App controls:

  • Master Page Development
  • Detailed Page Development
  • Navigation concept from Master to Detail
  • Implementing Search Functionality in Master Page
  • Implementation of Icon Bar and Its functionalities

SAP UI5 Mobile Application development :